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How to Prepare for Your Lawn

Preparation is key when installing a new lawn and there are some very simple, but important rules to follow.

Preparing for your new lawn

Complete the rest of your garden first

Firstly, if you’re doing a complete garden renovation or creating a brand new garden, complete all other aspects of the garden first: garden edges, retaining walls and paths.

Clear the ground and check your soil type

Remove any existing vegetation and check if existing soil type is suitable or needs improving. For clay soils add gypsum; sandy soils add organic material; acid soils add lime and alkaline soils add sulphur.

Spread a quality turf underlay

Turf underlay is a particular blend of topsoil and organic materials, blended to give your new lawn the optimum balance of nutrients and minerals it needs for the roots to establish well. Spread the underlay evenly to a depth of approximately 100-150mm. This is also the best time to check levels to ensure the desired fall for drainage.

Check the site levels and drainage

Check if the site needs excavating or filling and also look out for drainage issues and install ‘ag pipe’ (agricultural drainage pipe) if necessary. If you find that you do need to excavate and imported soil is required, allow 100-150mm for soil.
Now you have the best prepared area to lay your turf!

Next step: Installing your lawn